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Who takes care of the US? (Ultimate -ERS and Much More)

Hi beauties, Jasmine here.

Often as MothERS, daughtERS, sistERS, home makERS, problem solvERS, question answerERS, prayERS, aunts, grandmothERS, and wives we are consumed with the well being of everyone else. As women we have the tendency to take on the responsibility of taking care of everyone we encounter. We internalize the problems of everyone from coworkers to strangers. But at what point do we take off all these hats and just let our hair down. When is the last time someone asked you how you were doing, and it was an open-ended question? Daily I am asked but not because people really care how I’m doing but because they need an opening line to figure out how I can help them. Don’t get me wrong, I have one of the best support systems I could ever pray for. I am surrounded by the strongest women and I am blessed to have so many people that are willing to hold me up when I get weak. But no matter how much they try; it starts with me.

I mean who are we really? My aunt asked this question last weekend and I was stumped. The -ERS is not who we are. They might be a part of the script that we read from but who dictated that we must be slaves to them... LADIES, WE ARE STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT, BRAVE, WILLFUL, DETERMINED, ECT. BUT WE ARE NOT INDESTRUCTIBLE. Everyone needs a break or a time where you can take a breath. I am guilty of being consumed by life. 2019 taught me who I did not want to become; A mother to tired to play with her son, a wife to busy to have dinner with her husband, a friend to stressed to have drinks with her friends, a daughter to depressed to have a conversation with her mother. There must come a time where we realize that our SELF-LOVE should be a priority. It is almost impossible to continue to fully take care of someone unless you are taken care of first. It must start with you and Its ok to start small.

· Take the longer route home on the way from work.

· Add an extra 10 minutes to your shower or bath just to reflect on how far you’ve come.

· Take a walk

· Get an expo marker and write encouraging words to yourself on your mirror (my favorite).

Be convinced that you are more than enough. If you don’t get anything out of this message get this: YOU ARE LOVED. HEALher LOVES YOU. YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY AND UNIQELY MADE AND YOU HAVE FOUND A SAFE PLACE TO GET ENCOURAGEMENT AND A SISTER TO TALK TO. No it wont be easy but in the end US -ERS loving ourselves will be worth it. Until next time.


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