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Stepping Off on the Right Foot in 2020

Updated: Jan 24

It’s the start of a new year and guess what? You made it!

It’s the start of a new year and guess what? You made it!

You may be thinking about the regular New Year resolutions and goal setting for the year, but have you ever considered going a little deeper? Before you can manifest the house, car, and new job, you have to prepare yourself to receive everything you deserve.

A great way to start is by healing the areas of your life that may keep you grounded, those unspoken hurts you may not realize are there.

Start the year by taking a mental evaluation to figure where you are in your journey of happiness, and what areas you may need to improve.

Dedicate 2020 to the improvement of your mind, body and soul; invest in the wellness of forgiveness and the release of pain. There’s no time like the present to start! If you’re having trouble on where to begin, you should consider these 3 steps:

  • Identify - Identify the areas in your life that you want to change and/or heal from - whether it be bad relationships, loss, or maybe to end procrastination.

  • Speak it - After you have identified the areas for change and healing, bring life to them by speaking it in the atmosphere. Identify them now and release them. Oftentimes, being able to give these issues a voice is the first critical step towards change.

  • Resolution - Once identified and spoken, we can now start to find a resolution to each problem. The great news is that there’s always a solution! Meditate and seek for truth and understanding. Sometimes the answer is not what we want to hear, but it’s necessary.

This year, let’s take time to first love ourselves, speak our truths, and heal from those unspoken hurts that previously held us back…Here’s to 2020!


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