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Just Stand!

Whew! What interesting couple of weeks! As a African American I am heartbroken and angry at the same time! I understand that in order for there to be change we have to stand our ground and NEVER quite our voice. As a Mother I wish my child a better future in which she will never feel less than because of who she is.

The videos I’ve seen, the lack of remorse and the disrespectful justification of these senseless murders are a great concern. We have to work hard and together to show the world we are human, our life matters and we aren’t going anywhere! There are so many things you can do take a stand:

- [ ] Vote- get familiar with who is running for offices in your state

- [ ] Participate in your local marches

- [ ] Write letters to congress about different bills you would like passed

- [ ] Get involved with local nonprofit groups in area

- [ ] Get educated- make sure you understand your rights and what’s acceptable and what’s not

- [ ] Most importantly be the change you want to see

Remember it takes one person to make a change! Never stop fighting! You are beautifully and wonderfully made, God made no mistake in creating you!

Rest in love- George Floyd

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