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FAITH over fear !!

Hello Beauties!!

It’s me Siqueta!!

It’s imperative that we talk about FEAR! In this state of world pandemic, we are displaying a great deal of fear. Let’s talk about what fear is it’s “ an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.”

In this season of hysteria let’s change the narrative!

There are two words that can defeat fear and that’s TRUST GOD! In our uncertainty-TRUST GOD, layoffs, sickness, finances, family whatever it is I encourage you to step out on faith to trust God! When facing obstacles in life it’s easy to feel that God has forgotten you, I have always believed right before the breakthrough there is a breakdown! Remember his promises to you and that’s YES and AMEN! Even if the situation.

We are facing a national crisis but we serve an undefeated God, when Moses was given instruction to put the lambs blood over the door everyone that complied were spared! Follow the instructions of God and rely on his promises!

Until next time! The world is watching! Faith over FEAR.


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