About healHer, LLC.

The first step to being set free of your past is healing from unaddressed open wounds. healHER is a non-profit organization that guides women to the start of their healing process.


Through our group and one-on-one sessions, we target the root of issues while working through the process of forgiveness and restoration. We hold monthly workshops and share valuable information and resources through our website, newsletter, and social media sites. healHER is vital component of a successful healing journey.


As a survivor of various issues, I understand the process it took me to get to a healthy place, the times I felt alone, and how I wished had someone who understood exactly what I was going through. healHER is an open forum for those who are ready to openly talk about their issues and those who are not. Whether you seek to overcome domestic abuse, rape, eating disorders, self-worth, molestations, we want women to understand that once you healHER the rest of your life can begin.
 - Siqueta McField

Siqueta McField & Jasmine Dilworth 

Our vision is for women to know that there is beauty in brokenness and restoration in healing by recognizing their inner strength through self-love.

Our mission is to guide women to the start of their healing process.

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