healHER is a safe place for women who desire to confront everyday-life issues with inner beauty


Before anything else in your life can manifest, you must first heal yourself!

The HER who is broken...
The HER who has self-esteem issues...
The HER who has been molested or raped...
The HER who has dealt with emotional domestic abuse...
The HER who has problems grieving death or relationships...

The HER who can forgive...

Siqueta McField 


Siqueta McField's first book will be available Summer 2020. Follow healHER on social media for more details.


We're starting in Mississippi with workshops, teas, and speaking engagements. But we have plans to grow with the first annual healHer Conference coming in 2021!


healHER provides a safe place for women to gather on Facebook. Via a closed and moderated group, healHER participants can share and receive healing on topics that matter most to them – personal challenges, loss, shame, and more.

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